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Legal Know-How

Practical Law
plans and pricing

Find Practical Law plans to fit organizations of any size

Understand the issues, increase efficiency, and improve response time

Plans for small law firms (1-10 attorneys)

Practical Law provides the resources needed to help you take on matters with confidence. Practical Law's experienced attorney editors obsessively monitor the laws to ensure you have the most up-to-date resources when you need them.

Exceed your client expectations in less time

Increase efficiency

Instantly access up-to-date materials relevant to your client’s issue and stop wasting your time searching for resources or updating your own old materials.

Work with confidence

Know the steps to guide your clients, streamline your workflow, and effectively manage your time.

What firms like yours are saying

As a solo I dont have a firm that has a repository of standard documents and forms. Practical Law fills that role and the notes provided invaluable to insure that the terms are customized to my clients particular needs!
For any topics which we need legal research, Practical Law is our first stop.

Plans for midsize and large law firms (11+ attorneys)

Stay current with changing market demands while driving firm efficiency. With resources created by experienced Practical Law attorney editors, you can ensure your firm has the necessary tools to get up to speed quickly and serve your clients.

Meet the demand for a more efficient practice

Enhance productivity

Meet today’s demand for a more efficient practice by accessing diligently maintained resources and the latest analysis of current market trends.

Improve response time

Reduce the time spent getting up to speed on changes in the law so that you can respond faster and with confidence to your clients.

What firms like yours are saying

Practical Law has saved me an inordinate amount of time in documenting transactions. It is very helpful to have up to date form documents, legal developments, standard clauses, and market news all in one place.
Practical Law is a tremendous asset to our busy transactional practice. It allows us to quickly and confidently research market standards.

Plans for corporations

Help your department support the organization with up-to-date resources from Practical Law.

New customer offer

Subscribe to Practical Law and earn a $300 credit with the Association of Corporate Counsel

ACC Dollars can be redeemed toward the cost of any ACC-related services, including ACC membership, registration for ACC annual meeting, local chapter CLE events, and sponsorships.

Strengthen your legal department today

Enhance efficiency

Save time and outside counsel costs by utilizing expertly created resources, allowing you to keep more work in house.

Improve response time

Boost your department’s standing within the business by providing concise summaries and fast answers to urgent queries.

What corporations like yours are saying

Practical Law is a must-have service. The practice notes, articles, and updates contain all the information I need to have at my fingertips, packaged succinctly.
As an in-house counsel at a startup, there are hundreds of little issues that crop up every day. In looking for answers, I spend either too much time researching or too much money on outside counsel. Practical Law Connect has totally changed the way I work. Practical Law Connect is now my starting point for any legal issue, and it's usually the endpoint too.

For government attorneys

Maximize your day and meet the demands of your job quickly and efficiently. Practical Law helps you take on the broad and diverse legal issues facing government attorneys daily.

Practical Law for Government

Our expert team of attorney-editors creates and maintains thousands of practical resources, toolkits, and checklists so you don’t have to.

Annotated Standard Documents and Clauses
Quickly draft or benchmark agreements, deals, filings, and more using precedents that feature expert guidance and can be downloaded and saved in Microsoft® Word for easy editing.

Practice Notes
Straightforward how-to guides and clear explanations of current law and practice, ranging from basic overviews to detailed analysis for specialists.

Checklists, timelines, and flowcharts help make sure you've covered all the bases.

Easily access related resources through these one-stop shops for core areas of legal risk and compliance.

Legal Updates
Email updates that keep you current with the latest legal developments.

State Q&A
Review and compare state law across multiple practice areas.

Jurisdictional Resources
Filter resources by individual state or at the national level.

Global Guides and Cross-Border Topics
Access Global Guides and Cross-Border topics for international guidance.

Featured Updates
Stay on top of the latest legal and market developments via weekly and monthly email updates.

Browse by Content Type
Proprietary task-based menus allow you to browse by topic or content type, then easily access practical guidance and tools relevant to your task.

Streamline your legal department

Enhance efficiency

Accomplish more in less time with succinct, expert-written practice guidance.

Improve response time

Boost your department's standing with better first drafts and fast answers to urgent queries.

What our customers are saying

Practical Law is a must-have service. The practice notes, articles, and updates contain all the information I need to have at my fingertips, packaged succinctly.