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Spend less time wading through information, and more time practicing

Are you one of the many attorneys at a small law firm scratching their heads and thinking, I didn’t go to law school to maintain documents and wade through search results to learn what legal processes to follow. Maybe you’re asking, how can I better serve my clients, manage my practice and do what I enjoy?

Practical Law is here for you, the modern attorney who is in a delicate balancing act of running their firm, growing their practice and serving clients while having some semblance of a life outside the firm. 

Overcome your biggest challenges with Practical Law

Cut down hours spent on non-billable work

Hours spent researching, updating forms, and formatting materials are frequently deemed unbillable. Practical Law's dedicated team of 650+ attorney-editors globally obsessively maintain and organize resources, so you spend less time searching for accurate and reliable information.

Keep matters from walking out the door

You may not have the time to run your practice and learn the nuances of every practice area, yet this doesn't mean you have to stop accepting new matters outside your comfort zone. With Practical Law expert legal guidance, you'll spend less time getting up to speed in each evolving area of law, allowing you to accept matters in differing practice areas with confidence.

Fill the resource void

The best resource for an attorney is another attorney. But when you're in a small law firm, don't always have the opportunity to ask the person down the hall. Our experienced attorney-editors provide insight and guidance in every resource on Practical Law in everyday language, so it's like having an extension of your team.

What our customers are saying

85% of the AmLaw 200 rely on Practical Law resources to help their attorneys work more quickly and efficiently

As a solo practitioner, I use Practical Law on a daily basis. It is a real time-saver and I am confident I have everything I need in one place!
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