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Practical Law resources for small law firms

Access thousands of essential resources from Thomson Reuters Practical Law

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Our expert team of attorney-editors creates and maintains thousands of practical resources so you don't have to. With Practical Law, you can:

Enhance productivity: Practical Law resources are supported by more than 230 experienced attorney-editors who make sure you are well-versed on legal and regulatory trends – helping you get more work done faster.

Increase efficiency: Leveraging our legal know-how helps you save costs and time by increasing your expertise and enabling you to share that knowledge with others in your firm.

Improve response time: Respond to client requests quickly and with up-to-date information that reflects current legal practices. Practical Law resources ensure you are giving your client the right information, when they need it.

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State Q&A for faster research

Analyze a specific state’s law on a variety of topics, or create custom reports comparing multiple states.


Global content

Add content by country or by topical area – more than 100 countries plus international arbitration and multi-jurisdictional guides.

What's Market

Easily stay on top of current trends and market practice. Search, review, and compare summaries of recent deals and filings.


Gain access to a variety of sample documents including checklists, practice notes, and more for general, business law, and labor and employment law. Documents include:

  • Choosing an Entity Comparison Chart (Checklist)
  • Indemnification Clauses in Commercial Contracts (Practice Note)
  • Confidentiality Agreement: General (Mutual)
  • Term Sheets (Practice Note)
  • Noncompete Agreement with Employees (Practice Note)

How Practical Law helps small law firms

62% of small law firms say they feel pressure from clients demanding more for less.
See firsthand how Practical Law resources are helping attorneys like you.

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The Practical Law Editorial Team has practiced at the world's leading law firms and in-house departments. Now their job is to make you better at yours.

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