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Document assembly software

ProDoc features

Generate more accurate legal documents in half the time

Create a wide variety of documents quickly and efficiently

By freeing up valuable time—time normally spent on repetitive paperwork—ProDoc gives you the opportunity to offer your clients more effective and efficient legal representation.

Intuitive interface

Easy to install and simple to learn—you will be producing documents with unprecedented speed and accuracy within 15 minutes of installing the software. There’s no need to be completely tech-savvy to use it; ProDoc was built by a lawyer, for lawyers.

Flexible software

You can add your favorite language to our master templates, modify the formatting and fonts for the finished documents, and add your preferred footer to the finished documents. And, you can even load your own forms into ProDoc.

Powerful automation

While drafting one or more documents, you can enter information such as names, addresses, and dates just once and ProDoc reuses that information where needed in every document you draft for the rest of the case.

State-specific document assembly makes practicing easier

Our affordable and easy-to-use software is highly efficient for drafting your legal documents, saving you time and increasing productivity. And, because we provide updated forms automatically, you have added peace of mind knowing your ProDoc forms are always current.


Each volume contains the forms you need every day for handling matters in the requisite areas of California law.

Practice areas include: Attorney-Client Matters, Conservatorships, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Federal Civil Litigation, Federal Criminal Defense, Guardianships, Juvenile Law, Landlord and Tenant, Lipman’s Wills & Trusts, Litigation, Probate, Real Estate, Small Estate Wills, and Workers' Compensation.


Save valuable time and increase your productivity with access to up-to-date, automated documents. Our unique subscription plans give you access to all of the following Florida-specific coverage areas in a single, easy-to-use system.

Practice areas include: Attorney-Client Matters, Business Organizations, Estate Planning, Family Law, Federal Criminal Defense, Florida Criminal Defense, Guardianship, Landlord and Tenant, Lipman’s Wills & Trusts, Litigation, Mortgage Foreclosure and Homestead Exemption, Probate, Real Estate, and Small Estate Wills.


Our jurisdiction-specific automated forms cover a wide range of law in Texas. This breadth of coverage, coupled with continual updates for the forms as legislation, case law, and agency rules change, enables ProDoc users to save time, increase efficiency, and reduce workloads.

Practice areas include: Adoptions and Paternity, Attorney-Client Matters, Business Organizations, Criminal Prosecution, Estate Planning, Family Law, Federal Criminal Defense, Foreclosures, Guardianship, Landlord-Tenant, Lipman’s Wills & Trusts, Litigation, Probate, Real Estate, Texas Criminal Defense, and Wills.

National - Business Transaction Solutions

Business Transactions Solutions (BTS) boasts all the forms a business will ever use, from creation to dissolution, as well as a large number of transactional documents many businesses need in today's economy.

This breadth of coverage, coupled with automatic updates for the forms as legislation, case law, and agency rules change, enables ProDoc users to save time while reducing errors and malpractice exposure.
Practice areas include:  Advertising, Commercial Leases, Confidentiality, Consulting, Employment, Leases, Real Estate, and Technology Licensing.

For what I pay to ProDoc every month, it saves me five times that much in productivity. It's fantastic!
Joseph M. Layman
Waco, TX

Additional ProDoc features and content

The ability to generate a very high volume of documents quickly and accurately will maximize your firm's efficiency. No other legal software program comes close to giving you the time savings these products bring to your practice. Level the playing field with these powerful features.

Increase your firm's productivity and profitability with ProDoc

Our reputation for a quality product at a reasonable price and outstanding service is well established in the legal community. Come join the thousands of lawyers and legal professionals currently benefiting from ProDoc document automation.