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Legal Talent Management

Stellar Performance

Maximize your talent’s potential with strategies that resonate the most

Rely on research to challenge and evaluate your talent management strategies

Make sure you’re attracting, developing and retaining the lawyers that will deliver on clients’ needs. Empirical market data from Stellar Performance, ensures you know what makes your firm’s talent perform to its full potential. Inform strategies based on evidence on what makes a lawyer stand out to clients, how you can better support their ability to deliver a great client experience, and how emerging trends are impacting their ability to deliver results.

The impact of Stellar Performance on your firm 

You will be amazed at the magnitude of the impact stand-out lawyers and higher performing teams will have on the firm as a whole:

Improve client satisfaction

Increase client advocacy

Grow share of wallet

Strengthen market position

Enhance people engagement

Increase profits per partner (PPP)

Combine empirical market data with advisory excellence

Utilized as a part of the Harvard Law Firm Leadership course, the data generated through our evolving global research transform firms’ strategic planning with robust and independent evidence. Key impact areas that Stellar Performance can support include:

  • Engaging and retaining high performing talent
  • Growing client revenue, improving collaboration, and building high performing teams
  • Attracting top talent: develop a compelling and market-leading employer brand, track performance against the competition, and align to the next generation
  • Identifying the levers to enhanced ESG strategies, including wellbeing, diversity, inclusion and sustainability
  • Getting lawyer buy-in and full ROI from innovation
  • Improving the effectiveness of sector strategies

Why Stellar Performance?

Global web surveys

Two global web surveys every year create a body of robust research to inform and validate your talent strategies.

Top talent in the eyes of clients

All study participants are independently nominated by their client(s) as stand-out lawyers during the Sharplegal global survey. There is no law firm involvement in the survey population or nomination process.

Forefront of trends and insights

By analyzing the current needs of top talent working in private practice, we uncover a rich set of data to help law firm leadership attract, retain, and develop talent with firm growth in mind.

Legal Talent Management

Capitalize on Stellar Performance insights

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