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Fund formation

Law firms are in the midst of a competitive market with clients demanding more and less willing to wait. Investing in technology that automates and streamlines the complex fund formation process enables law firms to strengthen investor relations.

Deliver a superior investor onboarding experience

To succeed in this increasingly challenging market, law firms need a sharper focus on where client demand is and how they can best retain and increase wallet share. Right now, clients demand that law firms have industry knowledge and expertise and can demonstrate efficiency to win their business.

Without these three key contributing factors, law firms won’t be able to mitigate errors, which ultimately results in a loss of time and money. Fund formation solutions from Thomson Reuters can help law firms streamline the investor onboarding, drafting, and signing process from opportunity to close — all while managing risks and maintaining regulatory compliance.

With Thomson Reuters, law firms can help differentiate themselves from the competition and deliver a superior investor onboarding experience.

Streamline investor onboarding

Thomson Reuters fund formation solutions help law firms deliver a superior experience to their clients.

Workflow efficiency and automation

Onboarding potential investors is an intensive, time-consuming process. The manual production of documents and communication causes workflow delays, leaving employees and clients unhappy. With Thomson Reuters solutions, law firms can save time and increase efficiency with an automated, end-to-end investor onboarding process.

Accurately manage risks

The process of intaking new legal service requests can be very time consuming. Collating, tracking, and analyzing data can create errors or the loss of vital information for regulatory compliance, often requiring oversight from supervising lawyers to double check the work.​ With a fund formation solution, firms can securely and accurately capture the investor data required for regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, and save time to focus on higher-value jobs.

Reduce complexity and save time

The manual, complex document-intensive process lacks visibility into incoming requests. Firms can miss deadlines to onboard the client without at-a-glance status updates. With an automated end-to-end solution, firms can simplify and accelerate the fund formation process from opportunity to close.

Simplify and accelerate the complex fund formation process

Law firms use Thomson Reuters fund formation solutions to efficiently manage the investor onboarding process.

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