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How do I read my invoice?

Our invoices are designed to provide you all the important billing information you need for the charges associated with your Thomson Reuters products and services.  For a deeper understanding on how to read your invoice, follow the links below for answers to common questions.

How to read my single location Invoice (formerly West Information Charges) (PDF)

How to read my multi location Invoice (PDF)

Comparison of West Information Charges (old) and Invoice (new) (PDF)

How to read my Usage Report (PDF)

How to read my West Information Charges Invoice (PDF)

How to read my Subscription Invoice (PDF)

Intro to the Re-Designed Subscription Invoice (Video)

How to read my New Sale Invoice (PDF)

How to read my Monthly Account Summary (PDF)

How to read my Proforma Invoice (PDF)

How to read my Credit Note (PDF)

How to request and read my Easy Import (CSV) file (PDF)

All prices and account details on the example invoices have been created for example purposes only.

Starting April 2020, you will begin seeing certain invoices and e-Invoicing notifications that feature a simplified format. Please watch for communications regarding invoice format improvements for the most up-to-date information. 

Simplified e-Invoicing Email (PDF)

Simplified Credit Notification Email (PDF)

Download the guide below for a comprehensive view of our improved invoices and notification emails. The guide includes examples of the simplified invoice documents and detailed information on how to read your invoices.

All-in-one Guide for Improved Invoices and Notification Emails (PDF)



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