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CLEAR Webinar

Fundamentals: Locate, identify, & connect the dots in your research

CLEAR is powered by billions of data points and leverages cutting-edge public records technology to bring all key content together in a customizable dashboard to help you detect, prevent, and investigate fraud, assess risk, and connect people to events and activities.

In this fast-paced webinar, topics include:

  • Searching person, phone, vehicle & business records
  • Using CLEAR’s Dashboard tools to conduct additional analysis
  • Accessing live gateways with the latest real-time data through report creation
  • Research time saving tips
  • Accessing your search history and how to save valuable research for easy access

CLEAR Webinar

Deep Dive: Advanced CLEAR tools for your research

Do you need more in-depth or targeted data? More control over searches or search results? Additional tools to enable faster analysis of acquired data?

In this webinar, topics include:

  • CLEAR’s advanced name search capabilities to narrow your results
  • Alerting capabilities to monitor new arrest or new contact information
  • Using social networks in conjunction with more traditional public records and data
  • Customizing reports for your workflow and needs
  • Visualizing data with link analysis charts and mapping tools
  • Searching up to 10,000 individuals at once using CLEAR’s batch tool

CLEAR Webinar

Scouring Social Media: Leverage web data for valuable intelligence

CLEAR leverages surface web and deep web data to return valuable intelligence not found through public records alone. Information may include social networks, blogs, chat rooms, business affiliations, political affiliations, news references, professional history and much more. The application analyzes this information to help you rapidly identify the most relevant or interesting results.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to access social media content to supplement your CLEAR public records research using stand-alone searches and the Web and Social Media
  • How to narrow results with filters and easily add the web results you find to your reports to supplement your public records research

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