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Risk, fraud, and investigations

Take your investigative capabilities to the next level by staying informed of all potential risks to your business.

Legal and risk, fraud, and investigations products

Tech-driven legal and fraud prevention tools built to enhance workflow and strengthen your organization.


Westlaw Precision with CoCounsel

Feel confident your research is accurate and complete while finishing your work faster than ever before. Get a jumpstart on your research with generative AI, find cases faster with more precise search technology, and know you are relying on good law with expanded KeyCite functionality.


Practical Law

Accelerate how you find answers with powerful generative AI capabilities and the expertise of 650+ attorney editors. With Practical Law, access thousands of expertly maintained how-to guides, templates, checklists, and more across all major practice areas.

Risk and fraud


Software for law enforcement, compliance, risk, and fraud investigators. Search volumes of data with intuitive navigation and simple filtering parameters to prevent, detect, and investigate crime.

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Our legal and fraud prevention coverage focuses on the business of law, including critical issues facing attorneys in firms, government agencies, and companies of all sizes.


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Risk, fraud, and investigations

Social Security/Bank Fraud


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