Legal Tracker Advanced

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Actionable insights to strengthen spend management

Better data. Better insights. Better results.

Legal Tracker Advanced brings the power of AI-analytics and industry insights to the Legal Tracker dashboard empowering law departments to strengthen spend management and operations.

  • Make data-driven decisions for allocating spend
  • Develop a proactive strategy for managing rate requests
  • Better predict future spend and showcase true cost savings
  • Analyze past and forecast future spending with robust reporting
  • Negotiate and select firms by using easy-to-use workflows and automation

Legal Tracker Advanced features

Rate Management Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of legal spend through a consolidated dashboard that provides stronger internal and external benchmarking allowing users to see the impact of proposed rate increases in real-time.

  • Confidently assess who is above or below market trends
  • Role play rate increase scenarios to better predict future spend
  • See year-over-year budget impacts
  • Identify specific savings opportunities across your portfolio

Timekeeper Rate Review

Timekeeper Rate Review enhancements provide workflow tools to form a proactive strategy for rate management.

  • Implement data-driven rules to automate tasks – auto-accept/reject and freeze rates
  • Eliminate manual steps to process rate requests more effectively
  • Quickly analyze rate increases historically, vs peers, and relative to activity levels in your matters
  • Negotiate rate increases and communicate with law firms in-product

Matter Pricing and RFP

Matter Pricing and RFP strengthen businesses’ ability to save money and time — enabling legal departments to compare and assess firms deeply, better predict costs, automate processes, and negotiate with greater effectiveness and confidence.

  • Maximize cost savings by taking a proactive and well-informed approach to negotiating with legal firms.
  • Obviate the need for time-consuming training with a self-contained design that streamlines learning and implementation.
  • Improve the quality of legal support received from external advisors and enhance your competitive advantage through a more targeted and impartial selection process for law firms.
  • Leverage the market’s top corporate legal spend data library for benchmarking matter, firm, and rate against industry, historical, and activity data to lower and stabilize outside legal costs.

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Case study

Volkswagen Group of America and Legal Tracker Advanced

Volkswagen Group of America and Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker Advanced were awarded ACC 2022 Value Champions due to their work on streamlining the rate increase process and ultimately delivering significant savings.