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3 ways using AI technologies will make you a more strategic contributor

As the legal industry becomes more competitive, clients find themselves in an increasingly powerful position. They demand more for less and refuse to pay for billed time that doesn’t directly contribute to measurable results. These conditions place new pressures on associates, paralegals and other legal professionals to work more efficiently and effectively in everything they do.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way legal professionals work. Recent advances are helping to automate tasks that used to take hours and, sometimes, days to complete. For associates and paralegals, using AI-enhanced solutions can save them time, help them accomplish more and elevate their visibility at the firm.

When you are working on a matter for a client or doing research for a partner, getting the right answer is critical. Using an AI-enabled legal research platform, like Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge™, can help you complete your research more accurately. AI tools that provide deeper insight into whether a point of law has received any negative treatment allow you more insight during the research process so you won’t be surprised in court. With this type of AI at your disposal, you will be the expert who comes through with the best answers every time.

While finding the right answer is always essential, finding it quickly is of equal importance. AI-enabled tools can help you find the right answer, faster. Predictive type-ahead research recommendations, and algorithms that serve up immediate, accurate answers to legal questions allow you to complete your research in less time, without sacrificing accuracy.

In any litigation matter, the quality of the strategy often dictates the quality of the outcome. When you are on a litigation team, you shine the brightest when you bring insightful strategy recommendations to the table. Using an AI-enabled research solution, you can bring data-driven insights to the discussion. You can show how a judge has ruled on similar matters, what tactics have succeeded and failed, and much more – all in a matter of minutes. The people who bring these kinds of contributions to every case will undoubtedly stand out among their peers.

It’s important that you educate yourself on what makes “good” AI. The quality of the data the AI is using, the human expertise that trained the AI, and whether the technology is secure and trustworthy are just a few examples of what you should look for in an AI-enhanced solution. Westlaw Edge uses more than 140 years’ worth of curated data and backs it up with AI-trained by legal industry experts who know how lawyers and paralegals work.

Westlaw Edge enables you to do the best work for your firm and your clients. It takes all the award-winning components in Westlaw to the next level with enhanced features and the most robust AI in the industry.

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