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Getting associates up to speed has never been easier

Remember when you were a new associate and the sense of excitement and trepidation you felt while trying to get up to speed on firm politics, operations, and general procedures? Remember all the questions you had and how you felt like you were constantly bothering the more seasoned lawyers for answers?

Being a new associate can be overwhelming. Anything that can make the onboarding process easier and more efficient is often welcomed by all stakeholders – associates and partners alike.

Onboarding new lawyers doesn’t have to be difficult

In the past, newly-practicing lawyers had to contend with a steep learning curve. For example, they would often have to spend hours – or even days – researching and working on contracts and other legal documents, particularly if they had never drafted one like it before. Learning the ropes of how to create these legal documents from scratch was especially time-consuming and painful for both new associates, who were unfamiliar with the process, and the senior lawyers, upon whom new associates relied for training and guidance.

Realizing the significant time and financial drains associated with onboarding new associates in this way, many law firms are now turning to document automation technology to quickly get new associates up to speed.

How document automation benefits new associates

Document automation technology provides a quicker and easier way for lawyers at all experience levels to create high-quality contacts and other legal documents. Specifically, firms can use document automation software to create templates and produce new legal documents using the firm’s past work. This means even new associates can create and tailor legal documents to meet their specific requirements with ease.

Tasks that previously took hours to complete can now be done in a matter of minutes. This allows both new associates and more seasoned lawyers to focus on other work.   

How document automation helps reduce burnout rates

Because document automation technology dramatically reduces the time and effort expended on mundane and frustrating tasks, it is also credited with helping reduce instances of associate burnout.

New lawyers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to get up to speed quickly and become profitable. By drastically reducing the amount of time new associates spend drafting contracts, NDAs, and various other legal documents, new associates are afforded the time and focus needed to get up to speed on important firm practices and take on more billable work. For law firms, this translates into higher talent retention rates and less time and resources spent hiring and training even more new associates.   

The benefits of document automation

Law firms that commit to investing in technologies that reduce redundancies, streamline processes, and increase efficiencies are also investing in improving the day-to-day work lives of their lawyers. Technologies like document automation particularly benefit new associates who lack the experience and context needed to produce high-quality documents quickly. With document automation, not only are new associates given the tools they need to succeed and gain the confidence of senior lawyers, but they are also more productive and profitable for the firm.

Technology, like document automation, is changing how modern law firms operate daily. Today, speed and consistency are paramount, and firms that can’t produce accurate legal documents quickly may have a difficult time remaining competitive. 

Save your firm time

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