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Introducing Jurisdictional Surveys on Westlaw Edge

Creating an accurate survey of laws across jurisdictions is now easier than ever for all Westlaw Edge users. Jurisdictional Surveys on Westlaw Edge provides a much-needed head start, allowing you to quickly retrieve a customized and relevant compilation of laws across all US jurisdictions on virtually any topic  to expedite the creation of your survey.

Easily keep track of laws across the US

The materials you need to build your survey are readily available. Simply start with the citation of a statute you know, index terms that describe your topical target, or from a predefined topic page.  Jurisdictional Surveys provides a simplified search experience optimized for the task of compiling an inventory of related laws on a topic. The result is a curated list of statutory sections that accounts for varying terminology across all jurisdictions. Refine the list of statutory sections as you please, and focus on identifying and analyzing statutory variances and similarities.

Put Jurisdictional Surveys to work for your practice

  • Assess laws across jurisdictions to help establish a litigation strategy
  • Understand jurisdictional variances as they relate to compliance activities
  • Refine a legal argument based on how other jurisdictions have handled an issue
  • Identify new or emerging policy trends, including immigration, cybersecurity, etc.
  • Counsel your client on business decisions, such as where to expand operations

Secret sauce that can’t be matched

Jurisdictional Surveys leverages our editorially applied Index taxonomy. This taxonomy structure accounts for variances in terminology across jurisdictions, so you can use our Index tags to avoid having to construct the perfect search query. You get a curated list of statutory sections from which you can expand or refine your survey. 

See Jurisdictional Surveys in action

Scenario: you are asked to research and summarize the fines and penalties for driving under the influence across the U.S. 

Select two simple tag inputs: Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs (which will prepopulate the string as soon as you start typing driving); and Fines and Penalties

Jurisdictional Surveys automatically accounts for all variances of terminology needed to ensure a comprehensive and accurate starting point.  By default, it will include your statutes related to the selected terms you chose – and their related terms. Refine the result by keeping or excluding the related terms.

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