Legal research isn't enough

There. We said it. Legal research isn't enough. It's critical, of course, and the right online tools are essential. But on its own, it won't give you all the insight that you need to provide the legal guidance your clients demand. As their worlds evolve, they count on you to keep them up to date on everything they need to know—and what they need to know continues to shift as their businesses adapt.

Smart firms know that they need a way to keep up on legal news and current awareness. But the best firms know they need even more than that. Beyond what happened is that critical component—why it matters—and what that means to you, to your clients, and to the legal world.

Where can you get legal news, analysis, and insight?

Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge has a new offering to provide exclusive news and analysis from Reuters. Westlaw Today utilizes our 150 years of journalistic expertise to home in on your legal world. This allows you to stay informed while reinforcing your value to clients.

“You can get daily legal news from a lot of different places, so what I want Westlaw Today to be, what I strive to be, and what I hope our site is, is something beyond ‘This happened.’ It's the, ‘This happened and here's why it's important and here's why you need to care about it,’" said Alison Frankel, legal columnist at Reuters.

It's that extensive knowledge and insight that sets Westlaw Today apart—and what can help differentiate you from other firms.

“We just have so much depth in terms of reporting talent. We're drawing on people who have complimentary expertise," says Jan Wolfe, a legal affairs reporter for legal news at Reuters.

How can you meet clients' ever-changing legal needs?

As firms adjust to clients' evolving needs, the list of practice areas that you must stay up to date on expands exponentially. Not only do you have to be in the know on recent legal updates and changes, but you also need to be aware of what may be coming. While your to-do list grows, your resources are likely remaining the same or even decreasing. So how can you keep up?

“With Westlaw Today, you get the vast collection of premier legal content that comes with Westlaw, including all the case information and supplemental material that you need to run your everyday practice," said Leigh Jones, editor-in-charge for legal news at Reuters. “Then you also get the huge benefit of Reuters with experienced journalists that bring you the legal news you also need to run your practice. Westlaw Today brings you up to date with what's happening in the industry, as well as with your practice area."

You can also sign up for customized alerts tailored to your practice areas, as well as the Daily Docket. The Daily Docket provides a morning briefing of the day's most important legal news concerning the courts, law firms, and practice of law. From landmark U.S. Supreme Court rulings to a bar exam rescheduling in Illinois, you can get the news you and your clients need.

“Hey, that matters to me. That matters to my practice."

Combining the legal research that you trust with the leading authority in news and analysis not only saves you time; it also increases your confidence. You can be assured the information being delivered to you—whether it's through the Westlaw platform or via your mobile device—is accurate, timely, and relevant.

“I look at something that another legal journalist might well report on, then try to find the trend or the legal development that lawyers will see when they read this, and it's going to make a difference. Even if it's a case with a limited number of people involved, when attorneys see my column, they're going to say, ‘Hey, that matters to me. That matters to my practice,’" Frankel said.

Give your clients more with Westlaw Today

Best-in-class legal research technology will always be important. But to truly provide your clients with everything they need right now, you need more. Innovative resources and tools provide you with the depth, breadth, and agility of legal expertise that you need to provide the service your clients want. Your clients expect this from you, and you can expect it from Westlaw Today.

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