Exploiting efficiency: a librarian’s guide to supporting the firm’s success

Any knowledge management professional will tell you that efficiency is a key to success in the legal industry. Every aspect of a law firm’s business benefits when it exploits efficiency in various forms. Many firms in today’s market look to technology for the boost in efficiency they need to provide better client service, remain competitive and win new business.

Nancy Scibelli Bouthilet is the Director of Information Services at Locke Lord LLP. One of her primary responsibilities is sourcing and implementing solutions to make her firm as productive as possible. Locke Lord was among the first firms to adopt Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge, the new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered version of the legal industry’s preferred legal research solution.

When Bouthilet began the process of reviewing new solutions, she knew she was on to something good with Westlaw Edge. “When we started looking at Westlaw Edge,” she explained, “we were at a point where we were looking for research tools within the market that could make us more efficient. When we saw Westlaw Edge, we were really excited about the new features.”

The efficiency ripple effect

Of course, doing more in less time is good for any business – but there is more to efficiency than saving time. People don’t often think about the impact that flows into other aspects of the business as a result. Bouthilet discussed several ways that the efficiencies from using Westlaw Edge helped her attorneys and staff:

  • Client service: Efficiency means less time, and less time means happier clients. “We’re always trying to be as fast as we can in terms of answering research requests,” says Bouthilet. “Tools like Westlaw Edge that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to help us get to the right answer faster, those are the types of tools that we want to utilize within our firm.”
  • A competitive advantage: Firms that respond quickly and accurately to client requests are rewarded with customer loyalty and a stronger reputation. “New technology makes us more competitive because we are differentiating ourselves from our competitors,” Bouthilet explains. “Having tools available that allow us to do our jobs faster improves our turnaround time on matters and makes us more efficient. That sets us apart from other firms.”
  • Winning new business: Armed with the competitive advantage that comes with a reputation for superior client service, attorneys can close more deals by showing the benefits Westlaw Edge offers firsthand. “I’ve had lawyers at the firm tell me that they’ve utilized Litigation Analytics to show clients how they might handle a litigation matter, what they should expect and what the timeline might be. I think those capabilities are particularly powerful for client conversations,” says Bouthilet.

What would efficiency across the organization mean to your firm?

Whether you want to improve response times, productivity, profitability or all of these, now is the time to explore AI-powered solutions for your firm. Learn more about how Westlaw Edge can make your firm more efficient and what that could mean for the future.

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