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Top 5 tips to get the most from CLEAR for Skip Tracing

To make the most of CLEAR for Skip Tracing, we pulled together a quick list of five tips that help get you up to speed

Why use CLEAR for Skip Tracing? CLEAR for Skip Tracing provides a one-stop shop that enables collections professionals to quickly and easily locate people. It also helps collections professionals increase their efficiency and accuracy by combining real-time data with advanced skip tracing tools for collections to save time and increase their success rate.

From the first time you use it, you’ll start creating an efficient, repeatable process using integrated research tools that will save you time, money and hassle. You’ll feel confident that you’re accessing the most current and comprehensive data.

Here are five easy ways to get the most from your searches with CLEAR for Skip Tracing:

1. Reach more informed decisions with comprehensive source detail

Gain access to billions of accurate, current, and connected public and proprietary records within an intuitive and streamlined online interface. With a unique combination of sources that includes the top credit bureaus, live gateways, and utility files, CLEAR delivers the most relevant information with unsurpassed source detail to help you make the most informed decisions.

2. Start with reverse phone lookup

Start with a person’s phone number (which may be the most current information you have) and use Reverse Phone Lookup to identify a new address, phone number, or associate for that person.

3. Use contact view for immediate results

When you are on the phone with a consumer/customer, you need their information right now. Our dashboard approach is optimized for skip tracing, so CLEAR provides what you need – up front – so you can view the most recent addresses and phone numbers immediately with Contact View.

4. Save hours by using Associate Analytics

Know associations immediately by taking a deep dive with Associate Analytics. It displays a list of relatives and associates of the subjects, which can save hours of researching.

5. Leverage real-time live gateways

When time is of the essence, view the most accurate data available by leveraging real-time live gateways. Search data in real time that comes directly from the Credit Bureau (a credit header composed of name/address/SSN/DOB, and past addresses). This includes information such as utility hookups – water, electric, gas, and cell phones. Utility information is updated daily to help identify those who may be off the grid.

Whether you’re new to skip tracing or have years of experience, there are always ways to improve your process and get the job done even more effectively. With CLEAR for Skip Tracing in your toolbox, you’ve got a go-to resource that saves time. And when you’re tracing skips, time is money.

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