Skip tracing top tips

Skip tracers are tasked with locating and repossessing assets in a limited amount of time. 

Thomson Reuters CLEAR for Skip tracing puts the most recent and relevant data at your disposal. With a multitude of features, CLEAR will help you locate assets more effectively and efficiently than before. 

Fast real-time results
Live gateways put real-time public records information at your fingertips. Our data comes from 5 live gateways: all three credit headers (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian), real-time incarceration and arrest records, and live vehicle data.

Live data generates upon your search, so you know your results are the most accurate and current data available

Immediate results with one click
Contact View delivers quick insights indicating the best phone number and address for a search subject. Know which address they are currently using or residing at, helping to locate hard to find individuals.

Viewing a property: insights on type of property
When you are trying to determine what type of property your subject is associated with, use Satellite and Street View features to help identify whether it is commercial, residential, occupied, or abandoned. 

Multiple sources for accurate results
Know exactly where the data came from, with a variety of public data outlets and proprietary sources, including SSN, phone providers, credit header, and bankruptcy content being updated frequently.

Access motor vehicle repair and warranty records
Included within CLEAR, the Motor Vehicle and Warranty information includes data from auto repair shops, making it harder to hide vehicles and easier to determine a vehicle’s location and owner. 

Search related entities with one click
Linked Search will take you directly to the entity that is associated with your previous search. This includes an entity-specific person search, business search, and vehicle search. Linked Searching delivers a variety of information from existing links, such as address, business name, driver’s license number, email address, person name, phone numbers, and SSN. 

Results that are to the point
View your results with ease having the most relevant results appear at the top of your list. Deduplication of records ensures irrelevant duplicate data pulled is left out of your search results. Additionally, you can start your search with any information you have available — name, phone number, SSN, and even partial information. Note that searching by phone number will identify who owns the number.

See information with only a phone number
Access detailed records of how your subject’s number is connected to an entity, including whether a residential, business, or mobile number was used to setup utilities or open new credit lines. Once you have identified the owner of the phone number, easily do a Linked Search on them by clicking the entity’s name and choosing “person” as the search option. 

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