Making the case: Why legal case management software is the solution you, and your clients, need

What if there was a better and more efficient way for everyone at your law firm to access up-to-date legal information, communicate, and share knowledge and documents? Sound too good to be true? By investing in the right legal case management software, you can increase efficiency and collaboration at your firm and provide an optimal experience for your employees and clients.  

Every law firm has a unique culture and system for serving clients and getting work done. Frequently, the processes employed are highly individualized, with each attorney utilizing the technology solutions that fit their specific comfort level and needs. In this type of tech free-for-all environment, miscommunication, frustration, and inefficiency often reign as partners, associates, and legal staff members constantly scrabble to understand and cater to one another’s individual processes and preferences.

The result? Important messages aren’t communicated to everyone on the team, associates waste hours getting up-to-speed on legal rules and procedures, and multiple drafts are sent back and forth via email. The impact on your firm’s business? Clients don’t receive the best from your legal team. Their expectations aren’t met, confidence and trust in your firm is eroded, and they turn to your competitor.

Getting on track with legal case management software

Many law firms are resistant to change and fear the presumed costs and pains associated with adopting new tech. However, when you consider the benefits afforded to both attorneys and clients in terms of speed, consistency, collaboration, and outcomes – concerns over minor growing pains quickly fall to the wayside.

When it comes to winning and retaining clients, you need to set your firm apart and deliver something your competitors can’t. How can you add real and immediate value to your clients? For law firms, mutual respect and trust form the cornerstones of every successful client relationship. But how do you earn your client’s respect and trust? You must position your firm as a true partner and demonstrate that you understand and care about your clients’ business and success.

The truth is, it is nearly impossible to deliver on clients’ expectations if your firm lacks consistency and competency in your business and case operations. Thankfully, legal case management software provides ready access to the information, tools, and resources your firm needs to be proactive – enabling you to deliver on, and exceed, clients’ expectations.

Legal case management software must-haves

When exploring your legal case management software options, it’s important to take your firm’s and clients’ specific needs and goals into account. The specific features and capabilities of legal case management software can vary significantly.

Below are some of the key features your firm should consider when choosing a tech solution. A software platform should include the following capabilities:   

  • Secure cloud-based platform
  • Matter and document tracking and management
  • Form and document templates – that are always kept up-to-date
  • Comprehensive legal practice area reference guides – by state and jurisdiction
  •  Customizable checklists
  • Secure communication and filesharing capabilities
  • Time tracking and client billing platform
  • Integrated calendar and scheduling
  • Email monitoring and management
  • Quick access to legal research via articles and case law

When selecting a legal case management software, it’s also important to keep in mind that laws and the related rules and procedures frequently change, and information can quickly become outdated and obsolete. You need a trusted resource to help you keep on top of these changes so you can anticipate and address your clients’ needs. It’s critical, therefore, that updates are continually made to ensure you have the information and tools you need to be the authoritative and trusted resource upon which clients know they can rely.

Key benefits for your firm and clients

In today’s ever-evolving and competitive legal marketplace, law firms can quickly be outpaced and left behind – making it more crucial than ever that you have the right tech solutions to build, manage and grow your practice. For law firms and their clients, investing in a robust legal case management software platform offers three key benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency – When everyone at your firm has access to the same updated information and can quickly communicate and collaborate, a lot of time and frustration are saved and productivity skyrockets. The payoff for your firm? Attorneys can accomplish more in less time – which translates to increased revenue for your firm.    
  • Reduced risk – Today’s legal clients expect their law firms to be trusted partners who understand the ins and outs of their industries and businesses and are fully invested in their success. Having access to detailed and up-to-date legal materials gives attorneys the insight needed to anticipate and minimize problems that may affect their clients’ businesses.  
  • Greater overall satisfaction – Information is power. For attorneys at your firm, being able to quickly and easily access the information they need to do their jobs well, provides opportunities for professional growth. For your clients, having detailed and accurate information about matters that affect their business is vital to their success. A law firm that can deliver these solutions is regarded as a true and vital partner.      

Taking the next step

It’s important to find a software provider who will be a committed partner in your firm’s journey as you integrate the software into your business operations. Additionally, the integration and onboarding process shouldn’t be complicated and cumbersome. Rather, the new technology you choose should be well-designed, intuitive, and provide immediate value to all stakeholders. Your legal case management software provider should provide comprehensive training and ongoing 24/7 support.

Are you ready to take the next step and invest in your firm’s future?

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