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Digital evidence management

Thomson Reuters
Case Center

Case Center, formerly CaseLines, streamlines the way you prepare, manage, and present digital cases with a centralized cloud-based solution

A single system to collect, manage, and review digital evidence 

Thomson Reuters Case Center is a solution built to streamline hearings and trials for courts and administrative hearing agencies, expedite case resolution for prosecutors and defense counsel, and improve case preparation for law firms and self-represented litigants.

Discover a unique set of case preparation and presentation features

Case Center gives you the tools to organize, share, review, and present digital exhibits and evidence from a single, secure platform.

Thomson Reuters Case Center


Once uploaded, all files are automatically indexed and fully searchable. Organize documents, images, videos, and audio in a single case file for efficient review


Your case file is ready for efficient review. Easily locate key materials, add notes, collaborate, redact, and much more.


With purpose-built presentation tools, direct others to the right page faster, play multimedia directly from the system, and guide witnesses and jurors more efficiently.

  • 362M
    Over 362M pages of evidence safely stored to date.
  • 199,000
    Over 199,000 users across the legal landscape.
  • 17
    Used in courts in 17 states

Designed for courts, administrative hearing agencies, and law firms

Find out more about how Case Center manages digital cases to support your organization more effectively.


Ensure timely access to justice with a single accessible source of exhibits and evidence for all parties and the judge.

Administrative hearing agencies

Transform your hearing agency with a common platform for hearing officers, case parties, and agency staff.

Law firms

Connect case preparation and presentation allowing law firms to standardize the way they handle case materials.

Security Certification

Secure by design

Our state-of-the-art Case Center undergoes strict security testing and meets international security regulations, so you can be sure your content is safe.

ISO 27001:2013

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