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Online investigation software

CLEAR Adverse Media  

There's no hiding. Protect your reputation by revealing sources of adverse news and media.

Don’t waste precious time jumping between websites, search engines, or news feeds to detect information on a subject or organization

Instead, safeguard your organization’s reputation, time, and resources by utilizing a defined adverse media screening policy for fraud prevention. Thomson Reuters® CLEAR Adverse Media offers a one-stop platform to investigate web and news media pertaining to a specific subject or organization while providing a relevancy rating so your organization can be aware of potential risk as it develops.


What you get when you use CLEAR Adverse Media

Transparent data

Access holistic and transparent data from millions of global sources, including real-time news and information

Relevancy scoring

Relevancy scoring of the source – score that comes back for each source

Underlying sources

Provides full text document with links out to underlying source

API integration

Integrate data into your existing systems with an API connection

Narrowed search results

Streamline review with key words and different search narrowing capabilities such as date ranges, city, state, etc.

Global coverage

Conduct international adverse media reviews with global information and sources

Key benefits

Access all adverse media in one place

Instead of spending hours manually filtering through different sources and switching from one media platform to another, easily access all the information you need within one tool. From local, regional and national news reports, to international news sources, industry sources, and regulatory and law enforcement information this detection platform allows for a comprehensive and diligent investigation of your subject.

Get immediate updates on all your high-risk customers

Keep ahead of any surprises by being notified of risks as they are happening. With the shared monitoring dashboard your team can easily review customer/subject lists and filter by different topical tags. This visual interactive breakdown allows your team to split investigation duties between particular categories and lists as well as be aware of when new adverse media results come in for a particular subject.

Collaborative resources

With a shared dashboard, the monitoring results page allows for your team to quickly mark whether a source has been reviewed and is relevant to your investigation. Adverse Media is one cohesive team platform where you can assign specific lists to specific users - at a person level, group level, or organization level; reducing the potential of duplicate work therefore increasing productivity.

Learn more about CLEAR's advanced capabilities

CLEAR ID Confirm

Quickly validate customers with the premium electronic identify verification system.

Batch Services

Search thousands of people or businesses at once, and choose the data you want returned.


Perform searches within your own internal user interface so you can work more efficiently in a familiar environment.

CLEAR Risk Inform

Quickly review risk indicators such as arrests, bankruptcies, redundant SSNs, synthetic identity, and more across state and federal criminal jurisdictions.

Make informed conclusions through trusted data

Adverse Media is the solution to expanding and simplifying your organization’s investigation screening and workflow capabilities. Want to see Adverse Media in action? Click here to take the next steps for an Adverse Media demo.

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