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Online investigation software

CLEAR for healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse investigations

Utilize critical data sources to fight fraud in your programs

Each year, instances of healthcare fraud cost the U.S. Government tens of billions of dollars. As technology continues to advance and change, strategies to defraud healthcare programs become more sophisticated, increasing associated costs. Therefore, health and human services professionals and investigators need a solution that helps to investigate and uncovers critical data points that other resources miss. Thomson Reuters CLEAR combines countless data sources to streamline your workflow, uncover potentially unknown details, and help your agency identify fraudulent activity other investigative tools may never even see.

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What you get when you use CLEAR to identify healthcare fraud, waste and abuse

Powerful content

Connect to live-feed data including real-time records, phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, relatives, businesses, and more.

Source transparency

See where and when data came from to feel confident you are referencing the most current and accurate data during searches.

Customizable preferences

Select your own features and data inclusions to view results, reports, dashboards, and alerts that matter most to you.

Result visualization

Interact with results highlighting connections between individuals, businesses, and aliases that might be enabling fraud, waste and abuse.

On-demand, volume search

Search thousands of subjects and businesses in seconds, finding results that fit your schedule, budget and agency requirements.

Provider fraud solutions

Access professional licensure, National Provider Identifier (NPI), and sanction records from all professional healthcare taxonomies by state.

Why trust CLEAR

Thomson Reuters had the highest rate of identifying the beneficiary in their system, and had the highest match rate with the successfully delivered certified mailings all while providing the most cost-effective solution for this top oversight initiative within CPL.
Federal agency

Having access to information all over the country is invaluable to us in our line of work. Most of the other resources we have are local which really limits our ability to locate people.
CLEAR User, WI Department of Health & Human Services

Thomson Reuters products not only help make the world a safe, more secure place, they can also enable government agencies to locate individuals to ensure they receive timely disability benefits that are due.
CLEAR User, Department of Veteran Affairs

Advanced CLEAR capabilities

CLEAR ID Confirm

CLEAR ID Confirm provides configurable identity verification for providers, beneficiaries and vendors through an array of current data to see if identities actually exist.

Batch Services

For large-scale data work or investigations, Batch volume searching identifies current information from the CLEAR public records databases for individuals and businesses.


CLEAR data can integrate into customized workflow solutions through an Application Program Interface (API), keeping your familiar, internal system, but increasing your data value.

CLEAR Risk Inform

Quickly review risk indicators such as arrests, bankruptcies, redundant SSNs, synthetic identity, and more across state and federal criminal jurisdictions.

Want to see CLEAR in action?

See how CLEAR can strengthen your investigations

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