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Online investigation software

CLEAR for Insurance Investigations

Investigation software that helps you uncover hidden facts and mitigate risk 

Utilize real-time data to quickly identify fraud 

Thomson Reuters CLEAR helps mitigate risk by providing insurance professionals with a complete toolbox of trusted solutions for prevention, detection, and investigation. As fraud becomes easier to commit, CLEAR provides immediate insights to pull the full story together quickly and efficiently. 

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CLEAR benefits

Financial & reputational risk

What is the price of fraud costing you today?
The threat of insurance fraud is very real, with the industry losing an estimated $80 billion per year to fraud-related activity. Relying on inaccurate information jeopardizes your organization’s reputation and increases your potential of financial risk costing your organization time and money.

How CLEAR can help
Thomson Reuters CLEAR helps insurers mitigate fraud and financial consequences by providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about their current and prospective customer.

Uncover hidden risks with CLEAR before insuring a new client or paying a claim of an existing customer. 

Evolving criminal activity

How do you prevent criminal activity?
Criminals prey on the fact that insurance companies are often reactive to dealing with fraudulent activity and have a hard time keeping up with the adaptability of criminal schemes. At the heart of these crimes is identity fraud and the insurance industry’s failure to reject illegitimate customers or activities.

How CLEAR can help
With upticks in fraud and limited manpower, CLEAR can help quickly fill data gaps. Protect your company from fraudsters with CLEAR by quickly verifying identities, understanding complicated affiliations, and revealing other potential risks that require further investigation.

Prevent bad actors from entering the ecosystem before a false claim is paid.

Inefficient investigations

What does your process look like?
With criminals growing more sophisticated and regulations constantly evolving, manually compiling data from multiple resources wastes times and develops information gaps.

How CLEAR can help
Gain confidence in your investigations with CLEAR. By providing a one stop shop for analysts, CLEAR allows you to conduct fewer searches and quickly find critical details that lead to informed decisions. Avoid regulatory fines, maintain high credibility, and complete your due diligence in a repeatable manner with CLEAR.

Stop focusing on damage control and start conducting proactive investigations with CLEAR.

CLEAR features

Real-time data

A thorough source of public and proprietary records, with real-time data to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Identity verification

Use CLEAR ID Confirm to verify initial identity information and minimize potential fraud.

Associate Analytics

View a list of relatives and associates connected to the subject and any known risk associated with them.

Source transparency

See where the data came from, when it was supplied, and who supplied it, so you’re confident that you are referencing the most current and comprehensive data.

Batch Searching

Conduct high-volume searches of current and historical public records at once with on-demand, fixed-rate options

Negative News

Access news data collect from the Thomson Reuters newsroom to quickly see any negative sentiments of your subject.

Advanced CLEAR capabilities 

Batch Services

For large-scale investigations, Batch Services efficiently searches public records on individuals and businesses for fast reviews.


System-to-System provides an Application Program Interface (API) that integrates CLEAR data into your internal system.

CLEAR ID Confirm

CLEAR ID Confirm complements CLEAR by providing identity verification. Authenticate customers with an array of current data.

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