Fraud prevention software

Protect your program from fraud with Thomson Reuters Customer Verification 

Don’t wait to react to fraud. Receive a front-end, prioritized view of identity-based risk when customers create an account with your agency.

Your agency’s front-line defense against identity fraud

Protect agency resources with front-end identity verification

Quickly prioritize which customers need immediate investigation while those considered low risk can be expedited through your agency’s identification process with a classification of risk alerts from high, medium and low risk.

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Create a frictionless customer experience while reducing fraud

Give your agency a clearer picture of an identity seconds after they create an account with a frictionless solution that combines unique front-end risk analytics from Thomson Reuters with your agency’s data at the initial account creation. 

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Stop fraud before it has a chance to get into your program

Customized identity risk scoring allows you to compare your customers' input information against public records, publicly available information, and proprietary data to identify inconsistencies in identity information and potential risk. 

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The value of Customer Verification

Immediately view customer identity information prioritized with high, medium, and low-risk flag categorization.

Easily spot shared risk flags such as addresses, SSNs, phone numbers, and IP addresses.

Create customized risk alerts to detect suspicious identities.