Document Intelligence

Answers in minutes, not months 

With Document Intelligence, gain immediate insights into your contracts with AI trained by Practical Law attorney-editors. Advise with confidence, seize opportunities, mitigate risk, and identify savings.

Spend less time searching for information from contracts and more time acting on it

Accelerated document review with contextual search capabilities

Search across hundreds or thousands of documents in minutes. Go beyond keyword search and tap into truly accurate results based on the context and intent of the text itself. With answers delivered almost instantly, customers have accelerated information retrieval and review by more than 50%. Mitigate risk, draft with confidence, and act quickly on business imperatives.

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Draft, negotiate, and execute better contracts

Streamline your contract drafting and negotiating with Document Intelligence right in Microsoft Word. Instantly identify hundreds of key clauses in contract drafts, quickly reference your playbook, and leverage executed contracts to inform future agreements. Empower your users and ensure compliance without becoming the bottleneck for negotiations by accelerating review with an AI-generated table of extract contents.

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Identify trends, monitor performance, and discover new opportunities for growth

Get a clear picture of the information in critical documents so you can proactively take appropriate action. Tell stories with data visualizations and easily understand complex, unstructured data sets. Use actionable intelligence to inform your next move.

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Leverage AI that works on day one

Document Intelligence is built upon the expertise of Thomson Reuters Practical Law editors, leveraging their vast knowledge and experience to train and maintain models to recognize facts of importance. The models work immediately due to the thousands of training hours and continuous improvements made by these attorneys. Let our experts train the AI, saving your team time and resources.

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Choose Document Intelligence to cut through the noise, make informed decisions, and close more deals

Law firms

Exceed your clients' expectations with prompt, thorough counsel. Identify risk earlier, allowing them to take proactive measures for mitigation. Reduce your unbillable hours by leaning on technology.

In-house counsel and legal operations

Save time and money on contract review and data extraction. Reduce risk, optimize revenue, and conquer uncertainty. Empower your in-house team to take back their time and add more value to the department.


From energy to finance, asset management teams, contract managers, and beyond — tackle obligations, dates, and deadlines with ease. Automate the review of your expirations, renewals, and more.

The value of Document Intelligence

“What would have taken a team of people to complete in days, weeks, or even months can be accomplished within a matter of minutes and hours. I can't put a figure on the time and cost savings, but it's extensive”

Tim Custer
Senior Vice President, Apache


faster information retrieval and review by Document Intelligence customers compared to manual methods.


hours were devoted to training and maintaining the AI models during the last 6 months of 2022 alone.


of provisions can be identified and extracted across a suite of domain-specific models designed to work out of the box in your industry or legal practice.