Document Intelligence features

Be distinctive with the combined power of AI and decades of legal expertise in one platform 

Learn more about how Document Intelligence, powered by Practical Law attorney-editors, gives you the information you need to advise with confidence, reduce risk, and accomplish more in less time 

Unlock efficiency

Document Intelligence uses pre-trained AI to read, organize, and manage the document workflows and processes critical to businesses.

Document review with AI-powered search

Improve your efficiency dramatically by searching through thousands of documents simultaneously and receiving results in seconds. Intelligent search goes beyond the limitations of traditional search methods like Control-F or manual review for clause terms. Document Intelligence helps you find the information you need by analyzing meaning, intent, and context, ensuring that nothing important is overlooked.

Structured data extraction

Eliminate tedious manual contract abstraction and summarization with AI. Save time and reduce errors by using Document Intelligence to extract key information such as dates, obligations, and payment details from a subset or all of your agreements at once.

Automated notifications and calendaring

Don’t let the fear of a missed obligation or auto-renewal keep you up at night. Ensure compliance and easily manage obligations, payments, and deadlines with automatic notifications and calendar reminders directly from the source of truth — your contract. 

Dashboards and analytics

Use actionable intelligence to inform your next move. Identify trends, monitor performance, and discover new opportunities for growth. Tell stories with data visualizations and easily understand complex, unstructured data sets. 

No-code integration and automated workflows 

Spend more time where it matters most by automating your repetitive tasks with a low-code/no-code integration and workflow builder. Build and deploy contract workflows in minutes with pre-built connectors to common systems.


Save and catalog dynamic search results for the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, even when you add new contracts. Share them with other users to ensure collaboration and up-to-date analysis information amongst your team.

Relational libraries

Organize and access documents without the restrictions of folders or the need for file duplication. View high-level information that applies to a group of documents and see details unique to each file in one place.

Unleash the power of your contracts to drive efficiency and proactive decisions

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Time-saving tools

Instantly identify hundreds of key clauses in contract drafts. Quickly reference your playbook and leverage executed contracts to inform future agreements. 

Microsoft Word add-in

Quickly compare your draft against a standard contract template to spot deviations. Speed up and focus your contract draft review with an AI-generated table of extracted contents and alerts for redlines and comments.


Enhance the speed and consistency of contract drafting for your organization with an approved playbook that provides clause-level guidance and requirements. Playbooks also include preferred language validation, fall-back language and negotiation guides, external messaging, and escalation contact information.

Bulk upload and auto-categorization

Easily upload large numbers of documents using the bulk uploader. Automatically label and organize your files or manually assign specific document types when known. Simplify the process of organizing your documents, move away from disorganized folders, and streamline your contract management workflow. 

Streamline your contract workflow with AI-assisted drafting and review

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Human expertise

Content-enabled technology powered by Practical Law attorney-editors

Pre-trained AI

Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence brings together the power of AI and decades of legal and industry experience. The technology capitalizes on the expertise of Practical Law editors, who dedicated 15,000+ hours to build and train the AI in Document Intelligence in just six months. We continue to grow and scale our model training capabilities.

Benefit from AI that works right from the start; we take care of building and improving the models, so you don't have to.

Be distinctive with content-enabled technology infused with decades of legal expertise

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