Firm Central security
Secure cloud computing keeps your firm's information safe

Secure cloud computing for law firms

Firm Central uses state-of-the-art technology and cloud security standards to keep your firm's information safe, confidential, and accessible:

Data encrypted in transit and in storage

SOC 2 compliant and certified

U.S. based servers owned by Thomson Reuters

Support staff available 24/7/365

Encrypted data in transit and in storage

Connect to Firm Central via HTTPS sessions that are secured with 256-bit encryption certification, thereby enforcing encryption of data in transit and in storage.

Nearly continuous uptime and backup

Firm Central offers anytime, anywhere access via That means your files and information will be there when you need them – easy to find and securely backed up every night on servers owned by Thomson Reuters.

SOC 2 compliant and certified

Firm Central provides clients with data security that meets the SOC 2 Type II compliance standard, an independent confirmation of the quality and effectiveness of our safeguarding practices and includes:

• Security, availability, and processing integrity

• Confidentiality and trust principles as defined by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)

U.S. based Thomson Reuters servers

Our data centers are certified against two industry-proven standards: ISO 9001 quality management standards and ISO 27001 information security management standards. Physical access to these data centers is tightly controlled through multizoned, multilevel controls and monitors. Our data centers employ a third-party security firm for 24/7 security monitoring and event analysis.

IT staff available 24/7/365

Our highly trained technical support staff is available and on-site around the clock every day of the year. More than 500 IT, security, power, and other engineers support the Firm Central infrastructure.

The same security used by banks and brokerages

All interaction with Firm Central occurs inside secure hypertext transfer protocol sessions with 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). These are the robust encryption and transport security standards used by banks, brokerages, and other businesses for all Internet transactions.

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