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What makes Firm Central different?

Firm Central is the only cloud-based legal practice management software that fully integrates with Thomson Reuters Westlaw and other essential business tools. Its features set it apart and provide everything you need to manage your law firm.

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Matter management

Find matter information quickly, and put an end to scrambling through files, documents, and contracts.

Legal time and billing

Cloud-based billing software is the affordable and efficient way to record your time and expenses.


Streamline your law firm operations with built-in accounting software designed specifically for a law business.

Legal calendaring

Reduce the risk of calendaring errors, and manage matter appointments with speed and efficiency.

Mobile access

Get mobile access to your matter information, so you can be in the office, even when you're not.


State-of-the-art technology and cloud security standards keep your firm's information safe.

Client portal

Boost attorney-client communication while safeguarding sensitive data with a fully encrypted portal.

Westlaw compatibility

Build efficiency into your matter work with seamless integration between Firm Central and Westlaw.

Program integrations

Work with multiple programs from a single log-in without interruption, increasing speed and efficiency.

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