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Legal Tracker

Add-on services
Trust our professional services team to help your legal department succeed with Legal Tracker

Ensure your Legal Tracker success

Our professional services team will advise your legal department on how to improve and optimize internal controls, implement best practices, and get the most out of Legal Tracker.

Our services include:

  • Implementation
  • Data services
  • Cloud integrations
  • Legal operations
  • Business intelligence

Implementation services

Rely on our implementation experts to deploy Legal Tracker quickly and efficiently. We have successfully implemented Legal Tracker in 1,450 corporate legal offices.

Legal Tracker was built for international organizations. Our client footprint includes more than 600,000 users in 190+ countries. Our professional services team has the international experience needed to implement a system that will ensure compliance with international taxes such as VAT or GST, and display your invoices in the format and currency your organization needs.

Implementation resources

Cloud integration services

Import matter data directly into Legal Tracker and get critical data to and from your accounts payable department accurately and automatically with our cloud integration services.

Accounting code integration

With this service, you can upload lists of accounting codes to maintain a valid chart of accounts. Find correct accounting codes faster with a drop-down menu and type-ahead search.

Accounts payable integration

Our integration services team can provide solutions that automatically detect new batch files, transform the data to meet application import requirements, and deliver it to accounts payable.

Matter integration

Our integrations team can automate the import of matter data into Legal Tracker, so you can leverage the features of your IP or claims systems, while gaining the benefit of Legal Tracker's e-billing capability.

Data services

We can convert and migrate your current and legacy data into Legal Tracker, making it easily accessible to authorized users.

Data conversion, migration, and management

  • Data conversion
  • Database split
  • Database merge
  • Matter archiving
  • Document archiving
  • Legal Tracker test site

Analytics and reporting guidance

Our legal analytics experts help you understand how your legal data is used, identify data gaps, eliminate duplication, and ensure you’re tracking the right metrics and benchmarks to meet your performance goals.

Legal operations services

Get help with managing vendors, adopting new technology, and demonstrating the value of your legal department with our legal operations services. We provide onsite training, regional workshops, consultation, and planning to put best practices to work in your department.

Our legal operations services include:

  • Legal department operations (LDO) analysis
  • Report building service

  • Consultation
  • Legal Tracker coordinator service
  • Legal Tracker optimization
  • Training

Business intelligence services

Accelerate your reporting processes, provide rapid time-to-value improvements tailored to your specific business needs, and gain insight on best practices with our business intelligence service.

Our business intelligence service offers:

  • In-depth analysis of your data
  • Customized reporting
  • Report templates in any format
Get in touch with a consultant

Contact us to discuss how Legal Tracker add-on services can support your legal department’s unique needs.