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Legal know-how

Practical Law is driven by our attorney-editors

Connections drive trusted answers

Our attorney-editors have years of experience practicing at leading law firms, corporate law departments, and government agencies. Today, they continue to be active in the legal community through bar association committees, professional conferences, speaking engagements, and more. By staying connected to their professional networks, Practical Law editors keep a pulse on relevant issues, which allows them to provide trusted legal know-how you can use for your practice.

Practical Law is a great place to be curious. It's made me become a better lawyer by thinking through these issues.
Lawrence Hsieh
Senior Legal Editor, Commercial Transactions

We are always thinking of ways we can create resources that are clear, easy to understand, and quick to read.
Janelle Wrigley
Managing Editor, Antitrust Service
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I'm that reliable, invisible friend, when you're working at 5 o’clock in the morning; you don't see me but behind the scenes there is someone that has thought about the resources, the materials and anticipated the issues in any given transaction to make your life easier.
Tasha Hailey Hutchins
Director, Corporate and M&A Service

I stay connected to my former colleagues because they are a wonderful resource to tell me what resources they need in their daily practice.
Jennifer Coon
Senior Legal Editor, Antitrust Service

Even if you’re a U.S.-based company, you’re probably doing cross-border transactions. Your supplier might be overseas, for example. There are a number of ways that your business can be impacted by the laws of other jurisdictions.
Helen Respass
Senior Legal Editor, Law Department Service

Most startup founders wait until they have already made a number of preventable legal mistakes before first consulting with a lawyer.
Joe Green
Senior Legal Editor, Capital Markets & Corporate Governance

E-discovery isn't a trend, it's not a phase, it's not something a firm can ignore.
Kelly Griffith
Senior Legal Editor, Litigation Service

Balance and streamlining – that's what I try to bring to the work I do at Practical Law in order to help lawyers serve their clients more efficiently.
Anna Pohl
Senior Legal Editor, Labor & Employment
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