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Legal know-how

Practical Law for Libraries

Pro se litigants, small business owners, and other non-lawyers come into the library with “legal” questions all the time, and Westlaw isn’t always the best solution when the patron needs extra handholding on a legal issue.

  • You are frequently asked for specific help from non-lawyers that push you perilously close to providing legal advice.
  • Your patrons need succinct, plain-language practice guidance – for themselves and to relieve you from the time and energy needed to help
  • The lawyers that frequent libraries certainly value access to Westlaw, but Westlaw isn’t the best way to get up to speed on a new matter quickly and confidently.
  • Finally, you may need guidance or practitioner-driven insights and would benefit from expert-written content for more efficient research to help guide them.

Get up to speed quickly, with Practical Law resources

As a librarian, you need the tools to help you and anyone who walks through the door get up to speed quickly on the legal matters in question. That’s where Practical Law for Government comes in.

Practice Notes

Use these fundamental resources to brush up on unfamiliar areas of law or transactions, and set yourself up for success.

Contracts and agreements

Get coverage across practice areas and beyond, along with insight from specialized experts.


Make sure you are addressing all the issues with Practical Law checklists.


Get a critical starting point and cut down the time you spend searching for relevant documents.

State Q&A

Find answers to state law questions and compare law across multiple jurisdictions.

What's Market

Access a database of summaries for publicly filed deals that allows you to analyze and compare terms or features.

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