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The legal know-how that gives government lawyers a better starting point

Practice more efficiently and confidently

The demands on you as a government lawyer, are as diverse as the kinds of legal matters you are expected to handle.  You must be responsive to elected officials, internal stakeholders, and the public, all the while never knowing what legal issue will cross your desk next.  What if there was a way to maximize your day and meet the demands of your job quickly and efficiently?

Thomson Reuters Practical Law has the resources to help solve the unique issues facing government attorneys.  Practical Law’s legal know-how is straightforward practice guidance created and kept up to date by a team of full-time attorney-editors with years of practice experience and subject-matter expertise. 


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Multifaceted responsibilities

Government lawyers don’t have the option of “turning down business” and must handle a broad and diverse range of legal issues.  Whether defending a Section 1983 case, understanding the nuances of the 1st Amendment, or navigating procurement and fiscal law, being able to respond to matters efficiently is critical.  Practical Law has the expert-written practice guidance to help you take them on quickly and with confidence.

Flat budgets and limited resources

Practicing law is even more difficult when budgets are flat, and you don’t have all the resources to do your best work. Despite these challenges, government lawyers still must deliver results. Practical Law gives you access to succinct, expert-written practice guidance that will help you accomplish more in less time.

Losing institutional knowledge

Government legal offices are typically lean, so retirements and other losses of institutional knowledge can be especially painful. With Practical Law, you can rely on our team of 650+ full-time attorney-editors globally who create up-to-date resources like forms and templates, checklists, and practitioner tips that get you up to speed fast and with confidence.

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