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You’re not alone

As a government attorney, you’re constantly being stretched thin by factors you can’t avoid. Increasing workloads requiring expertise in a growing variety of issues along with shrinking budgets and diminishing resources make it difficult to deliver the answers your stakeholders demand. 

Today's challenging environment

A recent survey of government attorneys conducted by the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute found:

  • 72%
    Expect their workload to increase
  • 72%
    Say scarce resources and tighter budgets are a concern
  • 62%
    Work on a wider variety of issues than before
  • 38%
    Are concerned with the loss of institutional knowledge

A common problem

Unlike your law firm counterparts, you do not have the luxury of turning down legal work if it’s outside your expertise. And unlike your colleagues in corporate legal departments, hiring outside counsel isn’t always possible for you. Frequent challenges include:

·     Budget pressures
·     Reduced resources
·     Loss of institutional knowledge

·     Increased workload
·     Stakeholder expectations
·     Public scrutiny

These challenges might be a daily reality for government attorneys, but they don’t have to be an insurmountable problem.

The ideal solution – Practical Law

Our team of government attorney-editors helps you meet today’s challenges with gold standard resources including practice notes, model documents, checklists, charts, and toolkits across major practice areas.

Some examples of Practical Law resources for government include:

·     Section 1983: Asserting Qualified Immunity
·     Whistleblower Protections Under the Whistleblower Protection Act
·     Content Neutrality in Sign Regulations
·     Avoiding and Defending Against RLUIPA Claims
·     Satisfying Procedural Due Process in Employment Decisions
·     GAO Bid Protest Defense: Request for Dismissal
·     Local Government Regulation of Telecommunication Facilities
·     Removal: How to Remove a Case to Federal Court

·     FOIA Exemptions: Overview
·     Public Private Partnerships: Issues & Considerations
·     Legal Issues in Municipal Finance
·     Eminent Domain: Compliance with Public Use Requirement
·     MSPB Appeals Process Flowchart
·     Privacy and Data Security for Government Agencies
·     Commercial Contracts for State & Local Government
·     Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment Complaints Checklist
·     ...and more.    

With Practical Law resources for government attorneys, you’ll adapt more quickly to the rapid pace of change that affects your work, and easily find the accurate, on-point resources you need. Best of all, you’ll deliver your best work product in less time and with less effort.

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