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Practical Law resource previews

Handle matters with confidence One example of how you can benefit from Practical Law

In sports — and in law — it takes a proven playbook and a lot of practice to win. But there’s one big difference: In law, the rules are constantly changing and you never know when you’ll find yourself on unfamiliar ground. And while traditional legal research ensures that you know what the law is and that you’re citing the right cases, it doesn’t give you the insight and guidance needed to get through those times of uncertainty.

That’s when you need legal know-how

Practical Law helps you get up to speed quickly with always-updated resources. Whether it’s an unfamiliar matter or an ever-evolving issue, Practical Law provides comprehensive insight and answers to your “how do I” questions. 

Below is a playbook that showcases how Practical Law is here to help you keep cases in-house. This example scenario illustrates how a firm could take an unfamiliar Title VII matter from an existing client and handle it with confidence. Imagine the possibilities if you had the answers you needed to take on new cases.

Get your answers quickly with Practical Law

  • What is Title VII?
  • How do I defend a Title VII claim?
  • What are the elements of a hostile work environment under Title VII?
  • How do I handle discovery?
  • Can I see how the judge has ruled in similar cases?
  • Do I have a current exemplar motion to dismiss?

Download the playbook

This playbook lays out each of the steps for using the most powerful research service and legal know-how provider to defend against a title VII discrimination case.