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Practical Law for litigation

Access strategic resources for litigation attorneys from Thomson Reuters Practical Law

You have high standards for yourself. You rely upon trusted sources to keep up to date on the latest developments in the law so you can provide your very best to your clients. But staying on top takes time. Reduce the time it takes by using Practical Law as your source of trusted legal knowledge, so you can focus on other important matters, such as building client relationships.

Confidently expand your litigation practice

Customizable Practical Law PowerPoint® templates can help you deepen your relationships with current clients and reach new prospective clients.

  • Enhance relationships – Create presentations for your clients on pertinent issues important to them, further reinforcing your value as their trusted advisor
  • Reach prospective clients – Pitch potential clients one-on-one or create presentations for groups, expand your expertise, and stand out among your competition

Leverage essential litigation resources


Don’t miss a step in any complex litigation process.

Documents and clauses

Save research and drafting time on tasks such as engagement letters and settlement agreements, while giving even junior associates confidence in their work.

How-to guides and practice notes

Cover the spectrum of important litigation topics, such as litigation holds and subpoenas.

What's Market

Access a database of class-action settlement agreements that provides comparative summaries, analysis, and custom reports.

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Solo and small law firms (1-29 attorneys)

Midsize and large law firms



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