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Legal know-how

Practical Law legal toolkits

Practical Law legal toolkits provide an ideal starting point for attorneys faced with a new legal issue

By compiling all key resources, Practical Law toolkits give you a critical starting point and cut down the time you spend searching for additional relevant documents. Comprised of closely related documents in key areas of legal risk and compliance, our legal toolkits contain:

  • Practice notes – How-to guides that get you up to speed quickly with straightforward how-to guidance and clear explanations of current law and practice, ranging from primers to expert analysis
  • Annotated standard documents and clauses – Model language for related agreements, contracts, policies, and other legal documents with negotiating tips, drafting guidance, and insights based on relative positions
  • Checklists – Flowcharts, timelines, and lists of issues to consider or items to get done, ensuring you cover key issues at the outset or conclusion of a project
  • Additional related materials – Helpful articles, comparative guides and analytical tools related to the respective topics

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Attorneys' Fees Toolkit

Attorneys-Clent Privilege and Work Doctrine Toolkit

Employee Handbook Toolkit

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