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​Practical Law for trusts and estates attorneys

Get the resources you need to keep up in an increasingly challenging practice area

From keeping on top of the latest state law developments to understanding the details of changes to transfer tax laws, much is demanded of you, the trust and estates attorney.

Yours is a challenging practice area, to be sure. So how can you keep on top of every new development in the practice area while delivering your best work every day? Rely on Practical Law.

Powering Practical Law is the expert guidance from experienced attorneys like you who personally understand the details of trusts and estates law, each having averaged 10 years in the practice before coming to Practical Law. It’s the job of these trusts and estates attorney-editors to monitor the legal landscape, keeping alert to any changes affecting the practice. They then transform that raw information into how-to legal guidance, making it immediately useful to you.

Checklists: From following the State Transfer on Death Deed Chart to referencing the state-specific State Digital Assets Laws and State Estate Tax Charts, you won't miss a step.

Documents and clauses: Make drafting key documents like Revocable Trust for Married Individual: Marital Trust and Clayton Provision; Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust for Married Individual: Trust for Spouse and Children and Memorandum to Client: Funding Revocable Trust easier by using standard documents with extensive drafting notes.

How-to guides and information: Allow you to advise clients with confidence on complex issues like federal state, gift, & GST taxes, charitable planning, and planning for non-citizen spouses, and complex trust planning with GRATs, QPRTs and asset protection trusts.

Practical Law helps cement your trusted advisor reputation

With its regularly-maintained and easily-to-use resources, Practical Law helps you do your best work with confidence, every time, helping secure your reputation as that trusted advisor.

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