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Practical Law Guided Tour

Get up to speed quickly

Content types

Content is available in a variety of formats so you can get to what you need, fast.

Practice area content

Access resources for a variety of practice areas. There are also resources available for cross-practice area topics.

How-to guides

Practice Notes are overviews written and maintained by our specialized attorney-editors. Practice Notes are available for a variety of topics and come in two flavors – issue overviews and issue specifics.

How-to guides: overview

Practice Note overviews provide a broad look at a particular topic.

How-to guides: specific

More specific practice notes are also available to give you detailed information on a particular topic.

Contracts, agreements, and clauses

Use our up-to-date templates for agreements and policies to speed up drafting.

Process flowcharts

Navigate uncharted territory using Practical Law flow charts, which provide a visual representation of a particular process.

Process timelines

Practical Law timelines show you the typical progression of a particular process so you can plan accordingly.


Checklists of key issues provide you with the important considerations around a particular topic.

In-house resources

Access multiple specialized collections of resources for Corporate Secretaries, In-House Generalists, Business Transactions, and others.

Practical Law editors

Simply tell us what kind of matter you're working on and our expert team of attorney-editors will email you resources that can help.

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Draft quickly and reduce errors

Update yourself and your business partners

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