American Law Reports (ALR)
Get objective, in-depth analysis of your specific legal issue

With thousands of attorney-authored articles covering the entire breadth of U.S. law, American Law Reports saves you time by taking you deeper on a topic, faster. Westlaw makes it easy to find the exact ALR article you need – and then links you to every other on-point resource.

Use American Law Reports to:

  • Quickly get up to speed in an unfamiliar area of law
  • Locate all relevant caselaw in one easy step
  • Answer and advise with confidence
  • Determine which cases are controlling and understand why

The complete American Law Reports series online

Westlaw has all six series, both Federal series, the ALR Digest, and the ALR Index:

ALR 1st

  • 13,000+ unsuperseded annotations (2,000+ superseded)
  • 175 volumes

ALR Digest

  • Summary of all unsuperseded annotations from all series
  • Released annually
  • Includes West Key Numbers

ALR Index

  • Includes more than 40,000 entries to the ALR 1st series

Written by capable attorneys

Every article is a complete research brief that summarizes all caselaw relevant to a specific legal point. Articles analyze distinctions among cases to give an objective analysis of both sides of an issue. Plus, the authors add prefatory statements, detailed outlines, practice pointers, and cautions.

Connect to all related content

American Law Reports articles link to other content that pertains to your point of law, such as:

  • Cases, statutes, rules, and regulations
  • KeyCite references, so you can see the status of the cited law
  • Other on-point analysis, including references to Am Jur, digests, treatises, and law reviews
  • Legal documents, briefs, pleadings, and motions, that were submitted in cited cases
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