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Thomson Reuters Westlaw offers the robust features and content you need to confidently provide your clients with fast, accurate answers. Now, with the introduction of Westlaw Edge, those same powerful research capabilities are enhanced by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and brand new legal research tools. Take a moment to explore the game-changing features and comprehensive content that can help you research more efficiently and with more confidence in your results.

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Westlaw features

Legal research

Quickly retrieve the most on-point information to craft a winning strategy.

Legal forms and drafting

Find forms and complete documents quickly and accurately, so you can move on to other work.

Case strategy

Quickly assess the value of a case, plan your arguments and negotiation strategies, and manage client expectations.

Integrated data and solutions

Incorporate critical information directly into your workflow to streamline your research, add efficiency to your process, and achieve stronger results.

Westlaw is preferred 2-1 over Lexis AdvanceĀ®


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