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Feel confident you’re relying on valid law

Check your citations using KeyCite

Use the industry’s most complete, accurate, and current citator to verify whether a case, statute, regulation, or administrative decision is still good law, determine if a patent or trademark is still valid, and find citing references to support your legal argument. Plus, KeyCite Overruling Risk warns when a point of law in your case has been implicitly undermined.

With KeyCite on Westlaw you can

Citing References

Quickly access Citing References, which show how other authorities have interpreted a document, as well as the depth of the discussion and the topics discussed


Easily view the history of a document—including a visual representation—from the History tab


Monitor the status of your case, statute, administrative decision, regulation, patent or trademark with KeyCite Alerts

KeyCite warnings on Westlaw

KeyCite warnings, including the Overruling Risk icon, will appear throughout your research so you can see at a glance the status of a document. The most negative treatment is displayed next to the flag or Overruling Risk icon, making it simple to determine whether further investigation is needed.

Red flag

Yellow flag

Blue-striped flag

Overruling risk alert

KeyCite Overruling Risk

Available exclusively on Westlaw, KeyCite Overruling Risk warns you when a point of law has been implicitly undermined based on its reliance on an overruled or otherwise invalid prior decision. Artificial intelligence identifies bad law that has no direction citations pointing to its invalidity so that you can feel more confident in your understanding of the law.

We want our clients to feel like they have an extra advantage with us as counsel, and Westlaw gives us the ability to provide that.

The most intelligent legal research service ever

Westlaw combines advanced artificial intelligence with 100 years of editorial enhancements to help you find answers faster and build stronger legal arguments. Plus, you can feel more confident that your research is complete with access to the most comprehensive collection of legal information.

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