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Westlaw Patron Access

GIve your library patrons access to Westlaw legal research

Spend less time assisting patrons

Westlaw Patron Access is easier to use. Patrons will be able to quickly get started and navigate their research with fewer questions, providing trouble-free patron self-service.

  • Patrons can search in plain-English, using simple descriptive terms
  • A single global search box searches across core Westlaw content – patrons no longer have to choose a database
  • Accessible with just the click of an icon, so users can sign on easily

Dramatically improved searching, so even inexperienced users find what they need

Exclusive WestSearch technology combined with our world-leading legal information provides total research confidence.

  • Every Westlaw search leverages our editorial analysis, Key Number taxonomy, and state-of-the-art search technologies
  • Results ranked by relevance mean the documents your patrons need most rise to the top

Tools and features customized for library use

Westlaw Patron Access is designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of a library setting.

  • Session-based tools, such as history and preferences, are wiped clean after each user, giving your patrons the full benefit of Westlaw while still ensuring their privacy
  • Customized help tools designed to meet the needs of a wide range of patrons
  • IP authenticated setup provides access without a password, eliminating the concern of passwords being lost or stolen
  • Personalized tools, such as alerts and folders, are blocked from Westlaw Patron Access to maintain privacy

Premier legal research at a predictable, affordable monthly rate

Westlaw Patron Access lets you customize a plan that fits your needs and budget.

  • Every plan begins with key content – cases, statutes, KeyCite, and analytical materials designed for your state
  • Choose from hundreds of optional add-on modules to build your plan based on your needs
  • Your monthly rate, based on content and number of terminals, does not change during the contract period, no matter how much patrons use the service
  • Patrons can only access documents in your library's plan, so they can't inadvertently incur additional charges

Help with set up and beyond

Setting up your Westlaw Patron Access program is fast and trouble-free.

  • At the time you place your order, we will ask you to provide the static Internet Protocol (IP) address for each computer terminal you designate for the program, which allows us to create a shortcut to Westlaw for the terminals' desktops
  • Westlaw Customer Technical Support representative will contact you to arrange for installation via your high-speed Internet service
  • After installation, you may call us at any time for help:
    • Customer Technical Support for computer questions at 1-800-440-9378
    • Librarian Hotline for Reference Attorney assistance at 1-800-401-9378
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