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Westlaw Edge

Pleadings, Motions, and Memoranda Enhance your case preparation with court documents from across the country

Develop winning pleading and motion strategies

Strengthen your arguments by analyzing the pleadings, motions, supporting memoranda, and jury instructions filed in cases similar to your own. See how other attorneys have argued an issue and how it was ruled upon so you can effectively distinguish your case. The Pleadings, Motions, and Memoranda collection on Westlaw Edge includes actual filings from state trial courts, U.S. district courts, and federal bankruptcy courts across the United States.

With Pleadings, Motions, and Memoranda on Westlaw Edge you can:

Gain insights

Uncover which arguments have prevailed, how they were structured, and the facts you need to prove.

Discover more

Quickly identify related content, including dockets, briefs, and additional pleadings, motions, and memoranda.

Identify actions

Better understand potential strategies that opposing counsel may take based on similar cases in the past.

Quick Check on Westlaw Edge

Simply and securely upload a brief or motion to Quick Check to find new authority and related law that traditional research may have missed. Advanced AI examines the text, citations, and structure of your uploaded document to detect the legal issues covered and then identify recommendations that are highly relevant, but not otherwise cited.

Use Quick Check to quality check a draft, reveal weaknesses in an opponent’s document, or refresh a past winning argument.

You know, the biggest advantage that we have in litigation is to have an information advantage. Westlaw Edge provides that.

The most intelligent legal research service ever

Westlaw Edge combines advanced artificial intelligence with 100 years of editorial enhancements to help you find answers faster and build stronger legal arguments. Only Westlaw Edge brings together a suite of AI-powered tools, including the next generation of legal search, intelligent document analysis, integrated litigation analytics, and the most powerful citator.

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