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Pleadings, Motions, and Memoranda Boost your case preparation with court documents from across the country – available on Westlaw

Add new perspective, ideas, and approaches to your case preparation

Develop winning pleading and motion strategies and arguments by studying the pleadings, motions, supporting memoranda, and jury instructions filed in similar cases. The Pleadings, Motions, and Memoranda collection on Westlaw includes actual filings from state trial courts, U.S. district courts, and federal bankruptcy courts across the United States.

With Pleadings, Motions, and Memoranda on Westlaw you can:

  • Learn which arguments have prevailed, how they were structured, and the facts you need to prove
  • Gain a competitive edge by identifying actions the opposition might take
  • Quickly identify other content related to a case, such as dockets, appellate briefs, and additional pleadings, motions, and memoranda
  • Better understand appellate opinions by reviewing underlying facts

Pleading, Motions, and Memoranda overview


Overview of Pleadings, Motions, and Memoranda (1:40)

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