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M&A due diligence 

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a vital part of a business strategy and are often complex and time consuming. When attorneys manually review documents, the due diligence process runs longer than expected, taking away valuable time advising clients.

Manage complexity and close deals faster

Legal professionals have only so many hours in the day. Getting bogged down in analyzing documents consumes a lawyer’s valuable time. When an attorney spends weeks in a deal room poring over paperwork and searching by eye for potentially risky clauses, they’re less able to provide value-added services to their clients.

Law firms can more adeptly handle the ever-growing volume and complexity of M&A documents by supplementing attorneys’ skills with document review technology. M&A due diligence solutions from Thomson Reuters provide firms with AI-powered data extraction, simplified version control, and automated workflows and reporting.  

With Thomson Reuters solutions, law firms can save valuable time during their due diligence to focus on providing premium legal services to their clients.

Efficiently manage a deal end to end

Reimagine the M&A due diligence process with Thomson Reuters.

Reduce complexity

Delivering a project on time and within budget can be complex without proper reporting processes to track document versions and required precedents.

With M&A due diligence tools, your team can automate reports and precedents to simplify version control and create consistent and efficient outputs. 

Manage risk

Manually reviewing documents makes it challenging for attorneys to identify vital clauses or information, consistently generate accurate outputs, and properly track risks.

Leverage AI-powered data extraction to cut down document review time and reduce the risk of missing information.  

Increase productivity and save time

Reviewing M&A documents is a slow, repetitive, tedious process that can cause delays in a deal’s progress and prevent attorneys from delivering value-added services.  

Empower your legal team with AI-powered tools that transform the transaction workflow into an automated, streamlined process, saving time and increasing productivity.  

Save your firm and your clients valuable time

Using Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence, we've saved hundreds of hours that would be necessary for manual review. It was incredibly helpful and frankly turned an otherwise impossible task into something that was quite manageable.

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