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Transaction management

Legal transactions are complicated and often comprise thousands of documents to draft, negotiate, and sign. Since attorneys manually manage and track a high volume of transaction documents, errors are prone to happen, creating delays and unsatisfied clients.

Simplify every step of your legal transactions

Attorneys know all too well that carrying out and closing deals is often chaotic due to the inefficiencies within the transaction process. A transaction contains numerous procedural steps, meticulous organization, and deadlines not to miss. With lawyers spending hours performing these tasks manually, deals are slow to close and prone to mistakes.

Law firms can avoid many issues in the transaction process by implementing legal technology that automates manual tasks, essentially speeding up the deal. Transaction management solutions from Thomson Reuters provide firms with automated workflows, centralized repositories, and AI-powered data extraction.

With Thomson Reuters solutions, law firms can save time managing transaction documents to provide closing books to clients faster and improve client satisfaction.

Advance your legal processes

Automate and standardize transaction processes with Thomson Reuters.

Ensure transparency and accountability

Sending documents back and forth between parties creates inefficient collaboration and issues with version tracking, which can create delays in the transaction process.

Collaborate with team members, clients, and counterparts in a secure, online repository that allows all parties to see a project status, tasks, financial metrics, and more in real time. 

Accelerate your deal process

Reviewing transaction documents is a slow, manual process that can cause errors and delays in a deal’s progress, ultimately preventing attorneys from delivering value-added services. 

Make faster decisions and save time reviewing documents by leveraging AI-powered data extraction to identify risky contracts and clauses that could delay the transaction process. 

Securely share deal information

The transaction process requires vast amounts of sensitive data to be shared with all internal and external parties. Sending confidential information via emails and other cloud-based file-sharing websites creates opportunities for data breaches.

Ensure critical information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands with secure, permissioned virtual data rooms allowing documents to be shared, reviewed, and accessed by all individuals involved.

Efficiently manage legal transaction from due diligence to closing books

Law firms can create a centralized, secure place to manage every aspect of a legal transaction with Thomson Reuters.

Featured insights on transaction management

See how your firm can streamline transaction management.

Manage all documents in one secure, centralized place

What’s key here is that the client has real-time access for what they need to have access to, with all correspondence and information available in one place.

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