10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Westlaw Edge

Mary Schlaphoff
Content writer

Maybe you’ve already heard about Westlaw Edge. Thousands of legal organizations are investing in this advanced legal research platform to be more efficient, stay competitive, and better manage client expectations. However, below are ten things you might not know you can do with Westlaw Edge.

1. “Search within” 23 different motion types in Litigation Analytics.

Drill down to the precise details you need. Using the “search within” feature, narrow motions by any search terms you choose - case type, filing role, and even party name, attorney, and law firm. Quickly determine what made similar cases successful (or unsuccessful) in the past, so you can optimize your motion strategy.

2. Compare any two versions of a statute or federal regulation. 

If a law has been amended many times over, you can compare any two versions of a statute or federal regulation on Westlaw Edge - not just the latest revisions. Statutes Compare and Regulations Compare lets you easily see changes to statutes or federal regulations at a glance; added text is highlighted in blue, and deleted text is shown with red strike-through.

3. Instantly be warned if a case may have been implicitly overruled.

Look for the orange KeyCite Overruling Risk icon, which cautions that a case may be implicitly undermined based on its reliance on an overruled or otherwise invalid prior decision. No other legal research service provides this type of warning.

4. Navigate more easily with an interactive table of contents.

The table of contents for cases are now displayed on the left of your screen. It speeds navigation and shows your position in the case as you scroll through the text.

5. Save your searches. 

Westlaw Edge now allows you to save up to ten queries that you run frequently. Just click on the star next to any recent search in the drop-down of your search bar.

6. Restore previous filters in new searches.

When you run a new search query, Westlaw Edge lets you re-apply filters under each content type, from your prior searches, with just one click.

7. Instantly see details of your prior interactions with a document. 

Click on the notes icon of a document to get the details of your previous interactions. You won’t just see whether you’ve viewed, annotated, or saved it. You’ll see what notes you made, when you viewed it, and where and when you saved it to a folder.

8. Click on KeyCite flags to see the most negative treatment.

Get a quick view of the most negative treatment of a case without having to navigate to the full document. Just click on the KeyCite flag in your search results.

9. Find publication page breaks (“star paging”) more easily. 

Westlaw Edge features a number of user interface improvements that help you navigate and discover what you need faster. The popular star paging feature is among them - it’s now easier to find and use.

10. View the synopsis of a case from the search result list.

In the result list for your search, you’ll now see a link to “Show Synopsis” for reported cases. Quickly view the summary and holdings of a case, without having to load the entire case first, saving you time finding the most relevant case law.

Westlaw Edge brings together a full suite of AI-powered legal research tools, more than 100 years of attorney-edited annotations, and a long-standing commitment to advancing legal research technology.

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