The modern law department: The Delta Lawyer Competency Model

Learn the key competencies required of every 21st-Century in-house counsel

What You Need to Know About the Delta Model . . . and Why

It’s no longer enough for in-house counsel to just be great at delivering legal services. This is merely the cost of admission. To truly serve the business as a valued, trusted partner, much more is required of in-house counsel. Today, competencies like relationship-building skills, emotional intelligence, business savvy, and financial acumen are just as essential as crafting bulletproof NDAs.

This resource center provides you with tools and resources to ensure you and your entire law department can maximize all of your relevant skills to operate as a best-of-breed modern law department. Come and explore.


An introduction to the Delta Model


In this brief video, you'll see how a manager applies the Delta Model to a career development conversation with her subordinate.

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Modern law departments anchored to the Delta Model are efficient, effective, predictive, proactive, and data-driven. Their in-house counsel build strong relationships both inside and outside the organization to achieve the goals of the business. Learn how you can transform your law department with these resources.

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As in-house counsel, you’re tasked with acquiring competencies beyond the practice of law, encompassing entrepreneurial mindset, acquiring financial acumen and displaying emotional intelligence. This is the Delta Model.

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