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Access legal documents and contracts that aren't available online with speed and confidence

Get the critical documents you need without leaving your desk

Finish challenging research quickly and efficiently with this solution from Thomson Reuters.

Save time and gain immediate insights through Document Intelligence

Unleash the full power to make informed decisions with optimized technology.

  • Search across hundreds of documents to receive results within minutes
  • Empower your team to identify and execute key clauses in contract drafts
  • Capitalize the power of Practical Law editors' expertise through pre-trained AI technology
  • Access actionable insights to monitor performance, identify trends, and discover new areas for growth

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Fast, reliable court document retrieval

Court Express can help you:

  • Promptly and anonymously retrieve key documents that are not available online — from anywhere in the country — and perform thorough onsite due diligence
  • Get documents quickly — our researchers can be at most U.S. courts, agencies, and other public entities within hours to retrieve documents
  • Stay continually updated on the progress of your order with an efficient order tracking system

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