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Court Express

Get all the legal documents you need without leaving your desk
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Fast, reliable court document retrieval and due diligence

Court Express can promptly and anonymously retrieve key documents that are not available online – from anywhere in the country – and perform thorough onsite due diligence.


Our researchers can be at most U.S. courts, agencies, and other public entities within hours to retrieve documents.


We keep you continually updated on the progress of your order with an efficient order tracking system.


Our independent researchers cover the United States, Canada, and U.S. territories.


Our professional research staff has many years of experience retrieving key documents and getting you the information you need.

Types of documents retrieved:

Court documents
·       Answers
·       Briefs
·       Complaints
·       Due Diligence Reports
·       Expert Witness Testimony
·       International Court Retrieval
·       Motions
·       Opinions
·       Transcripts

Non-court documents
·       Article Retrieval
·       Authentications, Legalizations, and Apostilles
·       Insurance Commissions
·       Library Copying/Reviews
·       Manpower Projects
·       Open Records Acts, FOIAs, and FOILs
·       Secretary of State

Due Diligence solutions include:

On-site investigations
·       Individuals and companies
·       State and Federal Court coverage
·       10-20-year searches or custom scope

Search types
·       Bankruptcy
·       Civil
·       Criminal
·       Felony

·       Liens/Judgments
·       Litigation
·       Misdemeanor
·       Property
·       Traffic

Research services for Canada

Court Express will conduct an investigation according to your specifications and return the results in an easy-to-read PDF format, letting you know the information of an individual or company in a given jurisdiction or province.

Access to court documents that cannot be found online are essential to any investigative practice. Court Express will send an experienced researcher on-site to any Canadian court and provide copies of specified documents.

Types of searches available

·       Small claims
·       Traffic
·       Non-court capabilities
·       Corporate documents
·       Property searches

·       Small claims
·       Traffic
·       Non-court capabilities
·       Corporate documents
·       Property searches

Corporate Counsel Best of 2017

Organization for Court Document Retrieval Court Express

Thomson Reuters investigative solutions are premium resources that help legal professionals and investigators. Court Express brings expertise in document retrieval and due diligence services.

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