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Court Wire

Monitor more than 200 key courts around the country with Westlaw

Monitor new court cases as they arise, using Court Wire

Court Wire reporters monitor and collect new cases as they are filed in more than 200 courts around the country, including all federal district courts. We report filings hours, days, and sometimes even weeks before cases appear on a court docket.

With Court Wire you can:

Receive instant alerts of newly filed cases
Pre-docket alerting gives you first available access and awareness of newly-filed lawsuits based on your customized search criteria.

Learn about new cases faster
Our reporters give a synopsis of the key legal issues in each filing so you can understand the essence of a case without reading the entire complaint, react faster, and work more efficiently.

Create customizable newsletters
Receive one newsletter for cases that meet your criteria. You can also receive unlimited newsletters tailored to clients, practice groups, partners, corporate segments, courts, and more.

See how Court Wire can help

Business development

Court Wire provides notification of newly filed lawsuits as soon as the court processes them, helping you identify new client opportunities faster.

Legal research

Court Wire notifies you of newly-filed lawsuits, helping your organization gain valuable time to prepare a response and start building a case.

Due diligence

Receiving early notifications of newly filed lawsuits from Court Wire can help your organization stay up to date on people and organizations you are researching.

View the Court Wire coverage map

Westlaw Court Wire is available for all U.S. district courts and selected state courts. For a complete list of jurisdictions, access the Court Wire coverage map.

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