C-Track pricing

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C-Track® pricing

C-Track court case management system pricing is based on the unique nature of each system implementation, so it’s scaled to the size of your court community.

C-Track is comprehensive, configurable, and contemporary

C-Track allows your court to draw on a unique blend of legal expertise, proven innovative court technology, and best practices that's designed to be flexible, so it works with your court processes.

C-Track is affordable

The modular nature of our product makes it affordable for all sizes and types of courts – from smaller specialty courts to larger, statewide installations.

Three key elements of C-Track pricing

License fee – Based on the size of the population you serve

Implementation cost – Derived from a gap analysis that helps us understand the scope of work required to fully integrate C-track into your court systems

Maintenance and support – Annual fee that provides access to our continually updated core product and support staff

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