C-Track suite of solutions

The most comprehensive, configurable, off-the-shelf court case management software

Efficiently manage your court with C-Track Court Case Management System (CMS)

C-Track is the most comprehensive, configurable, off-the-shelf court case management software that is adaptable to your court’s specialized needs to capture, track, process, and report on case information.

Enhance C-Track case management with add-on solutions – or purchase them independently


Create an easy-to-use, streamlined, electronic court case filing process for both the filer and the court. As part of C-Track or as a stand-alone component, this system can integrate with any case/document management system and with third-party electronic payment systems.

Document management

Store, track, and archive legal documents in a secure and organized manner so they can easily be viewed, retrieved, and/or attached to relevant cases in the court case management system.

Public access

Give your constituents appropriate access to court case information online. Users can search for publicly accessible case information by case number, attorney, or party.


Helps you sort and organize the vast amounts of data and allows you to design, execute, save, schedule, and distribute reports on your own.

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